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Memberships cannot be canceled, and no refunds will be issued. Shipping and handling is included in our dues structure. Members outside the United States pay more because of additional mailing costs.

Western American Literature is supplied to members of the Western Literature Association as part of their membership. Members also have access to an online membership directory.

Check Payments

If you are paying by check, please download and print our Membership Form (Word document) and send it to us at Western Literature Association, PO Box 6815, Logan UT 84341. Or use the online membership form and just mail the check.

Make your check payable to the WESTERN LITERATURE ASSOCIATION.

Online Payments

If you prefer to make a payment via PayPal, please use one of the PayPal buttons below. You do not need to have a PayPal account in order to make a payment. All PayPal transactions are slightly higher than what is listed above because of credit card fees involved in this transaction.

If you prefer auto-renewal, then you can use the “Subscribe” button rather than the “Pay Now” button. You are setting up auto-renewal in your own PayPal account. The WLA has no access and cannot charge your account. You can cancel auto-renewal in PayPal any time. NEW MEMBERS PAYING ONLINE:

Please follow the instructions above. Once you have paid, please fill in the online membership form so we’ll have some basic information for our member database. If you fill in your areas of expertise, the editors of Western American Literature may call on you to review an essay submission or to write a book review.

Thank you!

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Members of the WLA, please keep us up to date on your contact information. We need your mailing address to successfully deliver the journal to you. Please also supply your e-mail address and phone number(s) in case we need somebody to review a book or referee an essay in your field.

Only very rarely will we contact anybody by phone. Our preferred method of contact is email. Email addresses are also frequently used by our presidents to inform you about the conference.

Please email your changes to us at